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The highlight of CTTFulfillment is the online warehouse service that has the best location in the western region to meet all the needs of customers with over 20 years of experience, enabling faster and cheaper delivery.

” Guarantee PICK PACK SHIP 100% of product value”

Why should you use Fulfillment?

 CTT Fulfillment is an online business assistant that can expand your business with the WMS system, a complete intelligent warehouse, storage, packing, deliveryservice to the destination.


  • The Biggest Fast CTT Fulfillment is the Biggestastest in the Western Region.
  • Connection CTT Fulfillment connects orders from LIVE, Facebook, Lazada, Shopee, Vrich, CF Manager and other platforms FREE!! No charge
  • Helper CTT Fulfillment is an important helper in your business because we are warehouse specialists who have been in business for more than 20 years.
  • On pack One Price CTT Fulfillment is the place that offers the best price, complete payment for all items.
  • Order Support CTT Fulfillment can support the fastest order management, more than 30,000 orders per day.

Fulfillment Service

Ready-to-deliver fulfillment service for convenient facilitation, including
online businesses or E-commerce

  • Store Storage of products in a systematic and standardized warehouse, whether your products are in or abroad.
  • Package Packing products according to customer needs. Every order is connected to E-commerce and every Platform Online, which is easy and convenient to receive orders or increase sales for customers efficiently by professional team of more than 500 people.
  • Deliver Delivery of goods to customers in a variety of transportation channels,

Control of workwith modern technology for integrated warehouse management, with CTT WMS system that can conveniently monitor and track inventory status anytime, anywhere.

Fulfillment service



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Shipping with leading transport

Stock management system

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How can Fulfillment help E-Commerce businesses to perform sales management effectively?


1. Save time: Stock management of back end system from the process of storing products, checking quality, packing, to the process of transporting goods. Entrepreneurs do not waste time managing products by themselves and have more time to develop products, promotions, campaigns and other services.


2. Impress customers: The fulfillment service can be completed in one place, including collecting, packing and transporting, impressing customers in terms of accuracy and speed.


3. Reduce the number of employees: Many entrepreneurs with a large number of purchase orders need to hire many employees, whether it's an admin answering messages, packers or order managers that Fulfillment services can handle it. These matters are represented by a team of experts and systems developed directly for E-Commerce businesses.

Why do you need to choose our service?

Cost and Time Saving

–Packing product is very easy.
– Stop wasting time packing products.
– Stop wasting time queuing at the transportation.
– Have more time to expand the business.

Cost and Expense Saving

- Do not pay staff wages.
- No travel expenses for transport depot.
- Save time to expand the business.

Solving previously encountered problems

– Insufficient and insecure storage space
– Wrong product delivery /over-delivery/ incomplete delivery /delayed delivery
– Customers request Tracking Number
- Expenses beyond budget
– Wasting time in queues at the transport

The back-end system is easy to use.

– Order to pack products just in a quick time
– Check stock/expenses in REAL TIME
– Delivery anywhere anytime through stock management system

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